Deborah Wainwright

Deborah is a self taught Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator and Designer, who has her own line of craft stencils and designs stamps for a Norwegian family run craft stamp company.

She is fascinated by colour and texture and use both intuitively when she paints, draws and makes stuff, using different mediums, such as Acrylic paint, Ink, Watercolour paints and Encaustic, in fact she uses whatever She is drawn towards in the moment, including recycling.

She taught art journal classes where she lived in Essex, and recently taught a very successful class at Tullie House Museum and Gallery and has dates for more classes next year. Her art has been published in a book ‘Learn to Paint made easy’ and She is regularly published in craft magazines.

She is inspired by the world around her, and expresses herself through her art. She loves to paint portraits, and often has ‘girls’ nagging away to be given life on her canvas. Another love is flowers both those around her as well as those that live in her head.