Polly Marix Evans

Lino-cut print by Polly Marix Evans

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Membership Benefits

Membership of EVAN offers a range of marketing, sales, exhibition, collaboration, networking and social benefits, opening up a number of opportunities for you as an artist/creative professional living in Cumbria.

Membership costs £45 per annum and runs from 1st January and is open to artists and creative professionals throughout Cumbria.

We Offer

  • An artistic Community.
  • Support with your development.
  • Enjoyment of art.

We ask For

  • Involvement – we like all the artists to become active members contributing to the vitality of the network.
  • Equality and civility – We aim to be a wide network, we ask all members to treat others with respect and friendliness.

Membership Form

Membership includes:

  • An individual webpage on the EVAN website, with links to your own website (if you have one) and your contact details.
  • Social media promotion of artists and events via Facebook, Instagram and X.
  • Discounts at local suppliers/cafes/bars as we negotiate them.
  • An opportunity for musicians to join our touring network.
  • Access to the Facebook page.
  • Receive the quarterly newsletter of EVAN artists’ own exhibitions and projects, plus invitations to previews, workshops and requests for info, etc.
  • Access to website opportunities as promoted.
  • Opportunity to participate in two EVAN open exhibitions.
  • Opportunity to participate in EVAN selling fairs, at a reasonable price for a space.
  • Join group visits to galleries and museums across the North and other social activities at cost.
  • Additional benefits as negotiated by EVAN as a group, i.e. group discounts with larger organisations.
  • Take part in collaborations between EVAN artists, and between EVAN and other local arts venues/organisations.
  • Join in the annual EVAN Open Studios and Art Trail.

How to join the EVAN Gallery

Firstly, you must be a fully paid up member of EVAN. There is a waiting list for the Gallery itself - please register your interest by email to: info@edenvalleyartisticnetwork.co.uk When a place becomes available you will be invited to join.

Please note that there is a fee of £20 per month and you must be committed to staff the Gallery for 10 days per year. New Gallery members must initially sign up for a minimum of 3 months.

You will be able to display up to four 2D pieces of work or 3D work by arrangement. 

Commission of 15% on sales will be taken.

Gallery members must be 18 years of age or over in order to be able to independently do their duty days without any child protection issues.

If you have any questions please contact Sarah by email to: sarah@edenvalleyartisticnetwork.co.uk

Gallery Terms & Conditions

Our Purpose

To be a network of individuals, organisations and venues established to promote and support artistic endeavours in the Eden Valley area. Giving a voice to artists.

Proud to be a Community Interest Company

EVAN is a CIC; this means we are a special type of limited company and we exist to benefit the community rather than private shareholders.

Specific Goals

  • to support the development of local artists, creating pathways to progress
  • to provide opportunities for local artists to show and market their work, connecting them with the local and tourist communities
  • to create opportunities for networking and socialising
  • to provide a professional development scheme for local working artists
  • to provide a mentoring scheme for artistic endeavour

To find out more about our members go to our Artists' page.

We have a Facebook page for our members. Click on the icon and enjoy the chat!