Eden Valley Artistic Network is a group of artists, organisations and venues based
in the North Lakes, West Lakes and Eden Valley.

The Eden Valley Artists Network (EVAN) is a network created by a group of artists who felt the need within the local area for artistic developmental opportunities and promotion, that would bring wider benefit to communities in the North Lakes, West Lakes and Eden Valley (North of Cumbria). We pride ourselves on being inclusive and accessible to everyone, and work hard to break down barriers and judgment around engagement with art for both practitioners and audiences.


Formed from the concept that an artistic network should be friendly, welcoming and inviting, EVAN is an inclusive organisation and welcomes all artists, from those just starting out on the artistic path to those who are creative professionals with a contemporary attitude. We think all artists have something to offer society.


We have an open-door policy and aim to connect like-minded individuals who are interested in the arts. We bring artists together to meet, network and build professional relationships with other artists in the Eden Valley and North Lakes.

Through our workshops and social events members can learn from each other and develop the business of being an artist.


EVAN encourages all artists to be their best selves and to support them in their developmental journeys.

We encourage everyone to produce the highest quality of work they can whatever their chosen medium.

We do this by being supportive and adopting a deeply encouraging standpoint.

If you are an artist living or working in Cumbria and would like to join us click here


We are always interested in hearing from venues who are interested in promoting the arts in whatever form.

I love the social aspect of the group

"Also, the members are happy to promote everybody's work, and pass on information or opportunities that they think might help a certain person."

Positive and inclusive

"It is partly the inspiration and interactions with the other artist, partly the variety of different aspects, is the music. Maybe it's just the Gallery being there, but it is also the emails from EVAN, that are positive and inclusive."

Made new friends

"I have made both new friends and sold a lot of paintings."

Friendships, opportunities

"Friendships, opportunities, Gallery is fab, Music events, projects, etc etc. The gallery has certainly given me a platform to show my work."

Such a friendly and supportive group

"As an artist I have enjoyed being part of the community and have made some good friends as a result. I love being in the gallery, it is such a friendly and supportive group. There is always someone to help or give advice if I need it."

More opportunities to play live

"I'm in the musical part of Evan, and it has helped me get more opportunities to play live."

Opened my horizons

"EVAN helped me move from someone who messed with paint just for his own use, and opened my horizons. Allowing me to leap forward in creativity, technique and embrace learning new methods and big ideas."

Helped me stay artfully active

"EVAN has helped me stay artfully active. It's given me opportunities to show and sell my wares through exhibitions and stalls. Being part of EVAN I know if I have an artful query or even just a query, there's always someone there to help or point me in the right direction for that help."

Given me the opportunity to learn

"Become more aware of other artists and their work. EVAN has given me the opportunity to learn how to deliver online teaching through Zoom. I've learnt about funding, professional advice, projects and events going on in Cumbria and elsewhere."

Keeps me informed

"All at EVAN have helped to keep me informed about all aspects of art and culture in the Eden area via emails, Newsletters and online events."

Always friendly and welcoming

"Provided a network of artists involved in a similar venture, always friendly and welcoming; a place to work, show and be in touch with the public."

Improved my confidence

"It's given me space to work and exhibit, improved my confidence, created opportunities to meet, work with and learn from other artists."

Exciting collaborations

"I'm working on exciting collaborations with other EVAN members as well as outside the group but which has been a direct result of being a member."

I love the fact EVAN exists

"I love the fact EVAN exists, it provides a foundation for local artists to get support and develop their work/careers."

Heartfelt thanks

"Heartfelt thanks for all your enthusiastic work and for your support of the artists within EVAN. You are always seeking to move forward and expand the community."


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