David Whitaker

David Whitaker

As a handweaver I concentrate on using natural fibres, mainly wool plus alpaca, silk and cotton. With my work I try wherever possible to use locally sourced materials using natural undyed yarn or those that have been hand dyed. Traditional designs are often used together with inspiration from situations that may occur locally, sunrise, or cloud formations often inspire colour combinations that I would not have used in normal circumstance. My range of work in not fixed and there is always a sense of exploration from external situations, maybe it’s just looking at something and thinking outside the expected.

Achieving an interesting texture or using a yarn beyond its usual situation always fascinates and challenges my thinking. I never like to assume a yarns expected use and always willing to sample an idea to see if it has the potential to offer an alternative to accepted thinking. I am, I suppose, a traditionalist but very willing to challenge the expected.



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