Anna McKay

As a water-colourist I enjoy experimnenting with texture and colour and the unpredictability of the paint on the paper. The quality of the light in the Eden Valley and on the Solway coast excites me; especially the reflection and refraction of light in and on the water and through the trees. My work tries to recreate that feeling of fragmented light. I paint with watercolour, salt, sand, inks and pencils and anything that comes to hand.

Recent work includes the end papers for the children's book 'Katie and the Floods' and the cove illustration for Joe and Storm Desmond (Joellen Publications 2016) in collaboration with the author Susan Fox and illustrator Irene Sanderson.

Recent exhibitions include Spirit of the Eden 2019 and Artex 2016. Alex boathose Talkin 2016 and C Art, as part of Unstationary Artists.