Mike Roberts

Mike Roberts

Originally from Morecambe, Mike studied Graphic Design at Liverpool College of Art.

After a decade working in advertising and a brief interlude in animation, Mike beavered away for three decades as a freelance illustrator and cartoonist, with a natural leaning towards the humorous and quirky in his work coming to the fore. Many of his commissions over this period came from magazines, book publishers and advertising.

Early freelance work was produced with “real” materials – ink, watercolour, pastels on cartridge board – before computers changed demand, with digital artwork preferred, created in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Now, having finally disconnected his "commissions hotline”, Mike is learning how to be an artist and use real art materials again through drawing, painting and printmaking. His work is mainly from imagination rather than reality (his imagination has always been elsewhere!).

Mike is new to Penrith, having moved here from Kent in the summer of 2022. From living as an exile in the south of England for over 30 years, he has returned to his northern roots, the fells and quality pies.