Vanessa Bamkin

Addicted to the incessant stabbing of a tiny barbed needle into natural fibres to create animals, plants, rocks and natural forms, my very being goes into every piece I make.

Growing up in remote North Cumbria, I’d spend every un-school day outside with my collie dog roaming gullies, waterfalls, peat bogs and woods and gathering sheep wool from the broken down fences. I took note of all the flora and fauna and made hundreds of little drawings and little wooden people with wool hair. I can’t ever remember a time when I didn’t create things from whatever I had to hand.

I have been sculpting, mostly with natural, un-dyed wool, for several years. I’m often asked how I make my animals with such character and so lifelike. Well, I create a breed or species specific skeleton and use multiple photographs taken from every angle of the animal. Then, they can be posed in any position which also helps give them an ever changing character. Currently, I am working on larger woodland based pieces.

I prefer to think of myself as a Fibre Artist, somewhere in-between a sculptor and textile artist.