Ursula Troche

As a visual artist, writer and performer, I work with space(s) and place(s) and move between work and text. Highlighting edges between locations at the intersection of margins and borderlands, I stitch lines to make connections, I pick up threads - of wool, narratives, lines.

Threads of wool and stories may be layered around trees to represent root networks underground, or embroidered on recycled materials and packaging plastics, to help reduce our collective 'plastic footprint' from going to waste and entering the biosphere. Here I have developed the 'lidstitch': embroidering on recycled yoghurt, biscuit and fruit packaging tubs and trays, also adding other found objects and shells from the beach.

My work also draws from my experience of moving from country to country, then city to sea, looking at inside and hidden spaces, mirror-images and the psychogeography of experience. I am interested in following lines and making points, relating and communicating form and art, seeking to explore hybrid and 'intertidal' spaces, including those between languages.