Thora Talling

I am a local artist with my studio at Catwalk Ceramics, just off the Culgaith turn off on the A66. I have been working here for four 1/2 years, though spent much of my previous potting experience with Mike and Vicky Eden in the Lake District.

I work in earthenware clay and specialise in bespoke hand drawn cats and horses on my thrown and hand coiled bowls. I have also travelled to Iceland and enjoyed making landscape friezes that hang on the wall. I explore texture and combinations of coloured slips and glazes and have a ‘seaside’ theme in some work, using dried seaweed and shells from a Northern Irish beach. I like big and free application of pouring slips and glazes, and also a painterly approach to my animal drawings, often using oxides.

I have also explored the illustration of the microscopic world of algae on bowls and friezes. My father was a freshwater biologist so I have been privileged to have access to some beautiful images from the microscope. Work in progress.

I am happy to make a ceramic bowl or frieze from a photo of a pet or landscape. I also teach classes. I have a wheel and always have some spare bowls for painting by students. My studio is well used by friends and my Mum. This year I am exhibiting at Greystoke Church in the summer. I am at Potfest in the Pens hopefully this year for the fourth time.