Stuart Gray

Stuart Gray

As a technical illustrator trained in my teen years to produce detailed images of highly complex machinery, it is a constant challenge to paint pictures in a looser style to which I aspire. Each picture, whether a still life or a bird study, conveys the subject's character through different media and hopefully a more spontaneous and experimental approach.

My still lifes are everyday objects around my home, so it is a bit like painting an old friend and giving them a new life as they look out from their frame.

My wildlife studies are inspired by the birds found along the River Rawthey near where I live and latterly from watching the rooks, crows, and magpies who can be seen strutting around the nearby car park much in charge of the place. I find their characters and colours irresistible, and as subjects, I have tried to approach each painting in a spontaneous style to hopefully bring them to life within the constraints of the picture.

I hope to develop my work further, experimenting where the opportunity presents itself to produce images underpinned by the art school training of all those years ago while introducing new ideas and techniques that I discover along the way.


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