Stuart Fraser

I attempt to bring a bit of passion,atmosphere and drama to my work, finding inspiration everywhere. From the marshes and spectacular UK coastline to the fells, moors, and mountains of my beloved Cumbria.

I class myself as just an old fashioned landscape painter, who works mostly in oils. However, after attending the Norfolk Painting School in 2019 I have noticed a progressive drift towards post impressionism..

I rarely paint exactly what I see unless I am blessed with the light I crave, painting for me is all about the light, with a strong emphasis on chiaroscuro in my work.

This obsession for strong contrasts stems from my numerous train journeys as a youngster, to my grandparents in the majestic Scottish highlands. Those wondrous journeys left me with a fascination for light and its interaction with the landscape it kisses.

I strive constantly to keep improving and when that stops, so will I.