Sophie Howgego

Like so many, Sophie has always had to keep her desire to spend all day creating on the back burner but now, after raising a large family and a career in teaching, she has the time and space to really allow her creativity to flow. Having always enjoyed making and sewing, Sophie has found herself drawn more and more towards fibre, especially wool. Living in Cumbria her raw material is not hard to find. There is something about taking a raw fleece through the process of washing, carding, possibly dying and turning it into a product. It may be yarn, a cushion cover, a vessel or a myriad of other things that can be made from wet or needle felting and spinning. At every stage there is the pleasure of working with a natural and beautiful material. Every fleece she processes is different in smell and texture and colour and to be able to immerse herself in this everyday is something she is truly grateful for.