Savannah Johnson - Art of the Wildthings

Savannah Johnson - Art of the Wildthings

I've always been creative, powered by the very word. Everything and anything is rearranged, adjusted, amended in a way that captivates me. This is paired with a deep love and fundamental fascination with Wildlife and the natural world.

I was raised in the West Midlands before throwing caution to the wind and moving to the Eden Valley for a degree in Wildlife & media. Here, my understanding of animals and the natural world grew, my self confidence flourished and I picked up a paintbrush. This new direction certainly inspired focus to a scatterbrained creative.

Now, 14 years later, I live in a place that I love, where I've made a home and a family. I've become a versatile artist with years of experience fine-tuning my skills and techniques. I am a creative thrill seeker, always searching for new creative challenges and testing new techniques to stay stimulated.

My desire to create meaningful art has taken the shape of both commissioned pet portraits and wildlife paintings. I am constantly improving upon a mixed media technique to create unique art bursting with personality .
For me , art connects me with like-minded people and celebrates the gratitude I have for the companionship of animals.


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