Sarah Hiscoke

Originally training as a textile designer specializing in woven jacquard techniques. My main interest is in the manipulation of fabric and embroidery techniques. I still work with different mediums such as pastel and watercolour and I am keen to investigate oil and oil pastels to research my further work in textiles.

In my pieces I am interested in the manipulation of fabric and yarn, painting organza to create layers, using recycled materials, but to still remain a piece of fabric. So my pieces at the moment hang within frames They are not necessarily flat images.

After attending an anthropological course ‘Women Myth and Legend’ which I took with Chris Knight in London in 80’s I have been researching ideas of Eve as a positive force. In amongst the sometimes figurative work I try to incorporate images and iconic symbols. My interest in historic textiles hark back to my weaving days with an antique Jacquard loom.