Sally Fryer

I have always been drawn to the mountains and big skies of the Lake District and Pennines and moved from Manchester to Cumbria to raise my young family. It is important to me that my children grow up with freedom, surrounded by the natural world. 

I have obtained two bachelor degrees, my first in Fine Art and more recently a first-class degree in Animation. My work is a continual development of ideas on how to represent the things I see and am fascinated by; how to create patterns and rhythm with paint, pencil or ink. 

Since relocating to Cumbria I spend most of my time gardening in my beautiful garden which overlooks the North Pennines, and recently completed an RHS Horticulture course. I find all the artistic inspiration I need in the amazing plants and trees that grow in my garden, allotment, down the lonnings and up on the fells.