Sally Fryer

I have always been drawn to the mountains and big skies of the Lake District and Pennines and recently moved from Manchester to Cumbria to raise my young family. It is important to me that my children grow up with a deep knowledge of the countryside.

I have obtained two bachelor degrees, my first in Fine Art and more recently a first class degree in Animation. I am drawn to Fine Art because I believe it can create in the viewer, a profound sense of connection and understanding with humanity and the natural world. I have also always loved hand-drawn animation and use it to make my drawings come to life and move across the page. My work is a continual development of ideas on how to create patterns and rhythm with a drawn line.

My current work is a study of clouds over mountains, drawing in detail the patterns and rhythm of a majestic, moving skyscape. I have also recently started painting on canvas again after many years, introducing texture and colour. My impetus is to further develop as an artist using drawing, moving image, paint and printmaking, inspired by the beautiful landscape around me.