Ruth Charlton

Ruth’s work has always had a strong figurative element, with emphasis on the facial expressions. She became interested in sculpting figures when she was studying ceramics at Bath Academy of Art in the late 70's. Since then, most of her work has been on a small scale. She creates miniature portraits in clay (mostly porcelain and white stoneware with the subtle use of underglaze tints for colour). Working in porcelain enables her to make fine, detailed faces but she also enjoys the freedom of working in a stoneware terracotta, producing more abstract figures. Recently, she has forced herself to work out of her comfort zone and create larger pieces which are more technically demanding. Her starting point is always the face and the expression, which then dictates the form of the body. There is something about making faces in clay that she finds endlessly fascinating and challenging. Thirty years of creating faces out of clay and it’s still a mystery to her, with each new piece presenting unfamiliar problems and surprises.


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Old Barn Studios, Ruthwaite, Ireby, Wigton, CA7 1HG