Polly Marix Evans

Polly Marix Evans

Polly Marix Evans studied Fine Art Printmaking at The Manchester Metropolitan University. During this time her work was mainly figurative, and she still enjoys drawing the human form. Her sketch books contain many swift drawings of her own children, friends and other unsuspecting humans.

Polly works from a studio at her home in the Eden Valley where she now specialises mainly in linocut, drawing inspiration from myths, legends and fairy-tales, the numerous books she reads and ideas that just pop into her head.

Her strong female images are combined with stylised text to send an empowering message to the viewer. These dark prints often feature bright dashes of colour, either printed before the main image or applied with a brush once the main linocut is dry.

Polly is at her happiest in her inky element, enjoying every printmaking process from initial sketch, to plate or block preparation, to the excitement of seeing the finished print itself. All her prints are hand-inked and hand-burnished so no two prints are completely identical, but it is this uniqueness that is one of the delights of this type of printmaking, and what makes each individual print so special.