Phil Furneaux

After many years playing rock, then soul music I took up learning jazz. A change of life incident resulted in a crash course in music production and I composed and published the album “A Real Distraction/ Phil Furneaux (2014)

I have recently become interested in composing music to video of the local environment. This follows a wonderful collaboration involving the duo FuMar and artists: which included the artists Carol McDermott and Stephen Warnes. The music inspires the art and the art inspires the music!

In November 2019 I produced the performance to a sell out audience in Tullie House “Old Water New water”, a music, film and spoken word story of the River Gelt with the Red Stone Trio and poet, Clare Crossman. A review can be found here:

A lockdown collaboration with Newcastle based Penny Callow resulted in a music video of a starlings murmuration.

I am planning to produce another music/film/spoken word of the River Irthing in 2020 followed by the River Eden in 2021 and looking for collaborators.