Pete Moran

I am an acoustic guitar player and singer. I am fascinated by the traditional and folk songs of these islands, including those that have travelled from these shores to pop-up again in Australia, Canada, America and beyond. I also sing some songs that have sprouted from those places.

I write songs now too. They are usually earthy, story songs about industrial towns, factory life, amateur rugby, bar stool wisdom, nostalgia, picaresque adventures and, inevitably, affairs of the heart. Some of them feature as many as four chords and strange tunings abound!

I am very much an enthusiast at this game. It is not my career. But, the discovering, arranging and sharing of old songs and tunes and the satisfaction of creating something from silence are utter pleasures to me. I hope I can pass some of that on.

On a practical note, I have enough material to play 1-2 hour sets. I am happy to play small gigs or, as I often do, provide some ambient music for events such as craft fairs and exhibitions. I can play fully acoustic or can provide amplification for smaller venues. Please email for details.


Spencer the Rover

A man goes for a ramble. He reaches Rotherham. Then he cries and goes home again. No wonder this song has endured for centuries! This version doffs the hat mightily to John Martyn's haunting version but Pete M first heard it from the singing of Robin Dransfield, a version which he loves ... along with everything else that either of the Dransfield Brothers has ever done!

Posted by Green Man's Apprentice on Saturday, 1 April 2017