Pete Moran

Pete Moran

Penrith-based musician writing and playing folk-flavoured songs and a few tunes too - mainly on acoustic guitar, but the 'dark side' of electric occasionally calls! Pete has played with local groups Errant Thieves and Green Man's Apprentice and has taken part in many EVAN gigs and projects including Beneath the Beacon.


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Spencer the Rover

A man goes for a ramble. He reaches Rotherham. Then he cries and goes home again. No wonder this song has endured for centuries! This version doffs the hat mightily to John Martyn's haunting version but Pete M first heard it from the singing of Robin Dransfield, a version which he loves ... along with everything else that either of the Dransfield Brothers has ever done!

Posted by Green Man's Apprentice on Saturday, 1 April 2017