Paul Cowling

I am a Cumbrian based artist living in the vale of Lorton, originally from Bradford in Yorkshire.

I am a self taught artist and have had no formal training.

The mediums I use are Charcoal and Chalk, Ink, Acrylic Ink, Acrylics, Gouache, water colour and Oils, on Paper, Board, Wood and Canvas and Pyrography and Coloured Pencil on Wood and Mixed Media.

The subject matter, well when I am doing commissions I will tackle anything portraits animal and human, landscape, architectural, room interiors, decorative house signs and imaginative art. I like to use my art to comment on what is happening in the world and some of my work has a spiritual element to it as well as producing purely decorative art.

The techniques I like to use in producing my art are vehicles to convey depth and detail, I want the observer to feel that they could step into a painting and as though the painting support is not a flat surface but a 3d space. To achieve this I use techniques such as "Ambience, Stippling, Pointillism, Optical Mixing and Colour/Tone and Linear perspective".