Nichola Connell

Nichola Connell

As a animal lover I started painting portraits in acrylics, I find painting animals relaxing, I particularly like the feeling of freedom you get when painting fur. My animal portraits are bright, contemporary and fun.

My development as an artist has led me towards exploring landscapes in oils, which is quickly becoming my preferred medium. I'm inspired by our local landscape, especially the drama of rock formations and the power of the weather that wraps around them. I want to create the feeling of the excitement of being in nature when it's at its most powerful, so composition is key to place the viewer within the scene.

I am following the Norfolk School of Painting guidelines via Martin Kinnear's Studio talk workshops to gain more skills with oils. In future I am keen to push my landscapes into more of a semi-abstraction state in order to achieve more atmospheric paintings and away from realism. My ultimate goal would be to combine semi-abstracted landscapes with my love of rock formations.


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