Mariana Klymchuk

Mariana K.

Mariana is a Ukrainian mixed media visual artist, working primarily in photography and painting. Through mixing, merging, and reimagining, she creates reality-twisting works that leave the viewer wondering. Her aesthetics are often described as moody, and deeply atmospheric.

Having obtained Bachelor’s degree in International Law and English, most of her art skills Mariana developed through practicing on the side, with her day job being a freelance translator and interpreter. She attended several non-academic courses in photography and art to level up her skills, and, in time, started to take on photography and illustration commissions.

In February 2021 she launched a print shop with her landscape artworks. She did several collaborations with different creatives from Canada and the USA, the results of which are available on her social media, and some of them even available for purchase.

In the wake of the war in Ukraine, in April 2022 Mariana moved to Cumbria, UK, and today works on personal and commercial projects as an art director, fine artist, and photographer (travel, lifestyle, architecture).

If you are interested in working with her, or have any questions, feel free to reach out via


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