Margaret Shaw

Margaret Shaw

I paint and draw because I enjoy it.  Working with a variety of art materials, what I use for my artworks depends on the subject and the effects I want to achieve.  I take inspiration from the places I visit, looking at the landscape and the detail.  Added imagination produces pieces such as my CATching series.  I find satisfaction in having an idea, taking that blank piece of paper or canvas and producing a unique piece of art.

Photography happens when subjects catch my attention.  Such as a light range in the landscape and bright colour for those close ups. Some photo shoots are planned.  For example, a place that is stunning in different conditions or a log with fruitful fungi.  Back on the laptop, a little photoshopping helps produce top quality prints.

When exhibiting my artwork and photography I like to meet and chat with anyone who has an interest in these topics.

I continue to develop my skills.  Learning and trying new things and passing these experiences onto others.  I’m aware that my artistic journey still has some way to go.  It will probably never end.