Margaret Shaw

Margaret Shaw

I paint and draw because I enjoy it. I like to experiment with a variety of art materials. What I use for any artwork depends on the subject and the effects I want to achieve. Most are inspired from places I've been and things I've seen or experienced. Then there are the ones that have some added imagination. There’s something satisfying about having an idea, taking that blank piece of paper or canvas and producing a unique piece of art.

Photography happens if a subject catches my attention whilst I'm out and about. A light range in my landscapes and bright colour for those close ups. Some photo shoots are planned, particularly when I’ve found a place that I find stunning to shoot in different conditions. Then in the workroom a little photoshopping to produce top quality prints.

I enjoy exhibiting my artwork & photography, meeting and chatting with anyone who has an interest in these topics.

I continue to develop my skills. I enjoy learning and trying new things and passing that experience onto my workshop attendees.

I’m aware that my artistic journey has some way to go – it will probably never end.