Magz Roberts

Magz Roberts

Magz has always loved creating and making things and has continued making her own art alongside previously working in the textile industry as a designer/colourist, and later as a teacher.

Colour, pattern and texture are always present in her artwork and is a reminder of her original background in textile design.

Her art evolves from playing and experimenting with a wide range of art materials including mixed media, stitched textiles, collage and printmaking.

Her inspiration comes from her surroundings: the natural and man-made patterns in the land, the changing light and weather on hillsides, or the patterns and colours of coastline. All help to feed her imagination but are usually filtered and abstracted rather than a representational interpretation of a place.

She usually works in series and likes to work on several pieces at the same time. They often start with research of a new place or idea, but then sometimes the work itself will dictate where it goes next.

Magz moved to Penrith with her husband Mike in August 2022 after 30 years in the south of England. She is delighted to be back in the north again near the Lakes, Pennines and “proper weather” and is very interested to see how her work will change and develop with the influences of her new surroundings.