Liz Tracey

My art studio is in Crosby Garrett overlooking the magnificent North Pennines. The constantly changing skies, weather fronts blowing in and the wide vistas form an inspirational basis for my work. This I do in situ from sketches, developing them later onto canvas. My paintings are multilayed and I often scratch through these to create desired effects.

I love to work impasto using palette knives and my favourite, a kitchen spatula, plus rags, hands and brushes. I like to dilute paint and let it find it's own path through the thicker surfaces. Nearly all of my pieces evolve from my walks across the fells on my doorstep.

I love he patterns of the tracks, drystone walls, streams, scree and the limestone outcrops, all in this vast Cumbria landscape. My paintings can be described as semi abstract/impressionist.