Liz Jones

I am an artist with a passion for printing making, lino printing in particular.

Life in Cumbria provides me with a rich source of inspiration, whether it be glimpsing deer in the woods whilst walking my dog, observing birds on the feeders or watching my chickens forage in the garden. These simple details of everyday life often find their way into my linocuts.

I am inspired by the whole printing process. From the initial sketch, the intricate carving and printing of each layer of colour, to the moment the paper is peeled from the lino block to reveal the final image. Each stage provides a feeling of anticipation (and fear!) as to whether the print will emerge in the way I envisaged.

I love the challenge of working with a limited colour palate to hand produce the images which are all original and produced in very small numbers. These can never be repeated as very little of the original lino block remains once the layers have been carved, this is known as the reduction method.

I have exhibited paintings and linocuts in various exhibitions and galleries around Cumbria, including Tullie House and the Upfront Gallery.