Lionel Playford

My artistic practice revolves around drawing and painting. I work mainly in the areas of landscape and portraiture and occasionally still life and installation art. Landscape painting in the studio is usually led by my drawing responses to the experience of being outdoors where light and movement interact with the rhythms and patterns of the land and sky. Studio paintings are some sort of distillation of that experience but which allow for a freedom of imagination in composition and colour in order to bring out an expression of feeling especially the feeling of being connected. Such feelings might be clear from the start and manifest in the finished work or may be more mysterious, needing time and creative immersion to emerge (if ever).

The Vale of Eden and the North Pennines are often my locations for landscape paintings but I venture further afield where circumstances allow such as the Lake District, County Durham, Donegal or even the Atlantic Ocean, wherever projects or travel take me. Collaborative art projects have been a significant feature of my professional practice for decades. Recent ones have involved working with climate change scientists in their research field sites. The most recent project is a significant engagement with the work of County Durham artist Norman Cornish in the ex-mining landscape of Ferryhill and Spennymoor.