Julie Inkersole

I stopped working and moved up to Cumbria in the summer 2019 and enjoy doing arty stuff in my spare time. I love working in 3D and have recently developed a love for wire sculpture. I like making installations with air dry clay figures, “Busy Bods”, busying themselves in silly tasks. These are played out on various backdrops of painted canvases, metal sheeting, reclaimed materials and sometimes cake! I also make 2D “Inky Bits” which often start as detailed pen and ink drawings which I then complete with colour washes of ink, acrylic paint or watercolour. I am gradually trying to get less illustrative, to create looser pictures, but it’s tricky to escape the safety of outlines. Overall, I think that figurative drawing is my favourite as I enjoy drawing as part of a group and learning from other peoples approaches to the same subject.