Ju-ma is a collaboration between Julia Neubauer and Marion Woolcott,incorporating our skills with handframed knitting and weaving.

Through working together as members of The Wool Clip, we were inspired by each other's expertise and Ju-ma was born. As a starting point the drape and styling of Marion's scarves triggered the Japanese influence of our designs.

Initially we decided to produce kimono style garments using a 2 tone colourway, with a defined colour palette, intricate weave patterns and subtle detailing.

We feel that using quality natural material is essential to our design process. After experimentation, we chose fine, Italian spun 100% Merino wool.

In developing the project, we have added a colour pop, indigo and origami inspirations which has led to producing a range of accessories using our extensive textile knowledge.

Every garment is hand made by us in our home workshops and has it own unique personality.

'Each piece is a wearable work of art'