Janice Anne Marshall

My interest in art stems from childhood. My farther was a Northumberland miner with a natural talent, passion and enthusiasm for all things artistic and he greatly influenced me in my formative years. In the 1970's, after leaving school, I attended an arts degree course at Liverpool University before getting married and settling down to have a family. I have made a living out of art since 1994 when I set up a specialist paint finishes business, Rainbow Designs. My main work being the creation of commercial specialist finishes to the Night Club, Pub, and Hotel industry. This encompassed many artistic facet's from the creation of wood grain or marbling effects on bar's, walls, etc. to full scale murals.

Recently retired, I have begun to develop an interest in producing canvas and watercolours working from my studio in the quiet village of Ruckcroft. My main painting medium is acrylics on canvas and painted furniture, often but not exclusively working with an airbrush. I have also produced some smaller watercolour and other mixed medium art works.