Irene Sanderson

Living and working in the Eden Valley, Cumbria finding inspiration in the surrounds of rural life and landscape and the changes that are impinging on these in response to contemporary issues and crisis.

Works based on representational studies that are then further abstracted by actions of ink and watercolour on paper, often incorporating methods and techniques of Far Eastern ink painting.

Range of practice includes book design and illustration (, prints and murals.

At present putting together a body of paintings and photographs entitled Shrines based on aspects of Japan where I studied sumie (Chinese brush and ink painting), suibokuga (watercolour painting on washi and Chinese papers) and shodo (Japanese brush calligraphy). This is a visual response to Shinto shrines visited last summer in order to the history of the Imperial House of Japan at this extraordinary time of change as the Heisei era comes to an end and the new Emperor ascends the Chrysanthemum Throne.