Helen Steer

I studied Art and Fashion in Yorkshire and Gloucestershire. I have a passion for the Outdoors, walking and climbing and having a connection with the mountains. My work is inspired by my experience of big landscapes and the beauty and moods of rock and their ever changing colours and textures. I mainly work in acrylics on canvas, board and paper. I try and capture the light, energy and atmosphere of a place. My style explores a combination of impressionism and expressionism to communicate a memory and give a palpable sense of the power of nature.

My motivation when painting is to produce work that other people appreciate and want to hang in their home. My goal is to inspire people to look more carefully at the world around them, question what they see and findbeauty in unusual places.

My work can be seen in the EVAN Gallery and online in my Etsy shop 'Mountainmadnessart' and in Chapter 12 coffee shop in Penrith. All of my work can be supplied as prints or cards.