Haydn Morris

I paint impressionistic oils and watercolours, inspired mainly by nature and people’s involvement with it. I express the excitement I feel about places I like.
Originally from South Wales, I’ve worked for many years in the Peak District and Lake District National Parks.

For me, atmosphere is more important than too much detail. I leave something to your imagination in the hope that you may engage with the work more closely and perhaps enjoy it more too.

Another reason for my impressionist approach is that I want to create an interesting composition in an abstract sense – through an appealing arrangement of colours, lines, tones and textures.

This leads me to move things around a little and perhaps change or exaggerate the colours – but I always aim to express the atmosphere and sense of place which I experienced.



Visitors are welcome to my studio, at the rear of Burnrill, in the centre of Tirril, three houses east of the Queen’s Head. Just phone to make sure I’m in!

Burnrill, Tirril, Penrith, CA10 2JF

Tel: 01768 865072