Graham Bassett

I am a self-taught artist passionate about gardens and gardening, so much of my work includes a floral element, especially wisteria, agapanthus and lilies, created using acrylic or oil on board or canvas.

Many of my paintings are influenced by impressionists such as Monet and Pissaro, featuring scenes of villages before the abundance of tarmac in rural France, and scenes of Giverny both as it was in the early 20th century and present day.

Further work bordering on abstract include "Kissing Chairs" depicted through the four seasons and more recently a set of four paintings in a "Through the looking Glass" style showing the interior rooms of a house in a romantic fashion, the frame is indeed very whacky too.

I am putting my picture framing equipment and skills to good use and am pleased to invite enquiries to supply bespoke picture frames. I relish the challenge of creating the unusual.

My Artistic venture has progressed immensely with my membership of E.V.A.N. Both in making new friends and facilitating improvement in my work. Our move to Northallerton is giving new challenges however, E.V.A.N. continues to play a significant part in my progress.

07930 318622