Faith Cook

American by birth, British by choice: my existence in the world has involved secondary school teaching (Art) and latterly outward bound leadership on mountain and water. Sea kayaking and white water canoeing are particular passions. For me, closeness to nature is nearness to truth.

My artistic journey is the pursuit of ‘the essence of being’ and the attempt to capture its abstractions in shape and colour using painting, drawing and sometimes textiles. It becomes a visual dialogue between myself and the coming of the finished piece. It is a conversation about living and its meanings: our physical reality of earth, water and sky; the spirituality with which it vibrates. It is a conversation about humanity - the calms, currents and rapids of our collective and individual coursing through existence: awakening, discovering, intimacy, trust, betrayal, loss, recovery, enlightenment.

My own life and this pursuit is the prism through which essence refracts into my art.