Emily Bailey

Emily Bailey

Emily Bailey is a start-up freelance creative, who recently graduated with a First Class Honours in Illustration at the University of Cumbria. She loves the creative process and in particular; felt and clay. Currently she is focusing her talents on sculpting charming little ornaments and handcrafting miniature personalised stop motion puppets.
Emily grew up in Maryport and later moved to Cockermouth, where her love of the town inspired her to start an eye- catching and much celebrated project to help promote the small businesses’ local to her. Wander, is a self produced magazine, that features her art work in a quirky way. Inside the magazine, you’ll read articles written to showcase Cockermouth shops. The articles are illustrated with Emily’s mini shop owner puppets which she has photographed in unique ways.

Her ultimate dream is to work alongside animators on productions similar to Tim Burton’s 'The Corpse Bride’ and LAIKAs ‘Coraline’.

At the moment, Emily is taking commissions for her puppets to be used as marketing props for businesses or to gift to loved ones as sentimental momentos for special occasions.