Em Whiteford

Em Whiteford

Em Whiteford is an artist and maker based in Cumbria/Scotland whose work is deeply inspired by wild coastlines and tempestuous skies.

My work centres around curating and unifying creativity, nature and compassion with art, design and spaces which evoke emotion, and spark a little joy and awe in people. I find a lot of solace and comfort in the outdoors, and trying to capture that feeling of being in a landscape which is so ancient, unyielding and unapologetically wild is what drives me to create.

As well as this, being able to play a part in what someone else treasures is an extremely personal privilege, whether it’s a painting that will become part of a home, or a ring which will be passed down from mother to daughter. Everything I make and sell is with this in mind, and compassion goes into every brushstroke, carve, hammer, and print.