Elizabeth Acland

After completing an arts degree at Queens University, Belfast and a career teaching English , it was not until retirement that I had time to indulge and re educate myself by taking an Art History degree at the University of Leeds. Obviously this concentration on the marvels of the World of imagery sparked an interest in having a go myself, a pleasure which has grown from an entertaining hobby, in to something of an exciting and enriching preoccupation. I have exhibited frequently with Penrith Art Club, and successfully taken part in the Cumbria Open Studio Event during September 2014, 15 and 16. I have taken courses with The Open College of the Arts and private lessons with painters whose work I admire. I like to think of my efforts as a homage to the great Colourists of the early 20th century whom I admire for their expressive line and joyous colour.

Working principally in watercolour and inks, I seek to convey my delight in the natural world using strong line and colour. The northern landscapes of Cumbria and my native County Donegal often provide the vivid light and shade that lend themselves to my loose wet in wet style. The ‘happy accidents’ which this style inevitably produces often give me a new and exciting direction in which to develop the work.