Dr Kaz Stuart

Dr Kaz Stuart

I am a textile artist based in the North Lakes, I draw inspiration from the wonderful natural landscapes of the Lake District including gardens, hedgerows and fellsides.

My technique is called free motion machine embroidery. This means I use a sewing machine controlled ‘freehand’ to create each stitch. I start ideas with photos and images and develop them into embroideries by sketching. I use vintage and recycled fabrics, papers, paints, beads and sequins to bring them to life. Some embroideries are relatively simply with a few layers of stabiliser, fabric and stitching. Others are built up over weeks in layers of wadding, hand dyed fabric and stitching to create layers of colour and texture.

My style is eclectic, informed by art deco lines, Indian patterns and contrasting colours. More specifically I am inspired by the dynamism of Isabel Moore’s work and colours of Michelle Mishkulnig. I have studied with both of these fabulous textile artists and won a Student Excellence Award for my Machine Embroidery at the School of Stitched Textiles in 2022.