David Burns

My pieces are all individual although I do make multiples and sets. I work mainly in the Japanese tradition. I like my work to be handled as it allows people to discover and experience different key aspects of the pots whether it be weight, texture, feel or combinations of pattern and shape giving the viewer an insight into the artist's thoughts. For the last three years, since relocating to Hutton in the Forest, I have been working towards colour and surface texture within the anagama firing process. I have also been exploring other techniques such as agate ware and charcoal firing.

Kintsugi and Wabi Sabi are other areas I work in, finding the beautiful in the imperfect, and gain great satisfaction from including ancient pieces in modern work.

I choose to introduce decoration into my work at the very beginning and continue to overlay and add to forms in a variety of ways via addition and subtraction making use of a variety of slips, minerals and scriffito until they are complete adjusting and altering along the way including after glaze until I achieve my aim. My present work is influenced by my view of modern world issues as seen through the eye of Greek mythology and legend. I have always been influenced since a young student by the Japanese tea ceremony and medieval European ceramics. I enjoy fusing thrown and hand built forms to, I believe, create more honest vessels.