Charlie Egerton

Having retired in 2012, I now have more time to devote to painting, which I have dabbled at for a number of years.

I use Acrylics, and, more recently, Oils. Acrylics’ fast drying time really helps when painting in the field. I tend to paint very fast, not always a good thing!

I have shown my paintings at several venues in Cumbria over the last few years, and have done the odd demonstration.

I am a member of the Penrith Art Club and the Carlisle & Border Art Society. I have also recently become a Chairman of the Carlisle & Cumbria Artists Group, who hold their Annual Exhibition in July/ August.

I am very lucky to have been able to travel to some amazing places, from Africa to India, Costa Rica to Alaska and many others. These locations have provided all sorts of subjects for me to try, from Wildlife to exotic landscapes.

What is the real buzz I get from painting? It is the appreciation of true artists’ work, when compared to my feeble efforts! How do they achieve those effects?!