Carolyn Marr

My aim is to make objects that arrest attention and invite handling. These may be hold-in-the-hand sculptures or smooth-glazed bottles. I also make site-specific installations working collaboratively with other artists.

Current avenues of exploration include light and shade, simplicity and complexity, group dynamics and line-making. I’m experimenting with basic forms and their variations. I'm also enjoying incorporating locally-found materials into my work.

I'm based in Brampton, Northeast Cumbria, and am a regular exhibitor in local galleries and events. I've also shown work in galleries in Southwest England, the North East and Scotland. I'm a member of Northern Potters Association and Bensham Grove Pottery in Gateshead.

I have a BA in modern languages and an MA in Southeast Asia Area Studies. After working in the fields of education and environmental justice, I studied ceramics at Newcastle College, completing a FdA in Contemporary Ceramic Practice in 2011.