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ArtWorks - Art4All is a group of volunteers, all from the Furness area. We joined together to help improve peoples mental health and well being. Devising fully inclusive creative projects we go into schools, charities, community centres, supermarkets, festivals and Barrow Town Centre. We work in areas of financial and cultural deprivation.

We first started by organising art auctions for local charities, Dalton Leisure Centre, SAFA and Duddon Inshore Rescue and raised £8,500, £15,000 and £1,500 respectively.

Our last project What the Flock? saw us create chicken wire and wood sheep sculptures. We gave a sheep to a number of charities, schools and youth groups. The whole community came together to dress them in Pom Poms. Over 40,000 Pom Poms were donated! Currently we are running Return to Sender, where people produce a postcard sized piece of artwork. All will be exhibited and auctioned for YouthAbility.

We run workshops in schools, community centres and in charities and regularly work with:- AgeUk Barrow and District, Barrow Deaf Club, Furness Multicultural Community Forum, Moorfield Learning Centre, DropZone, Furness Stroke Group, YouthAbility, StitchAbility, Furness Young Carers, Women’s Community Matters CancerCare Youth Group, South Cumbria County Girlguiding and Love Barrow Families

We have received funding and support from:- Cumbria County Council, BarrowFull, Eric Wright Foundation, Asda, The Roseland Trust and DropZone.

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