Anne Waggot Knott

I am a coffee drinker, geographer and interdisciplinary artist with a studio in Cockermouth. My work explores our physical and metaphorical journeys and human connections with our environment. It’s my mission to sneak dark and slightly difficult art into our chocolate box landscape.

My practice is broad, incorporating printmaking, collage, photography, film, sculpture and language, often in combination, blurring the boundaries of each. I also like the physicality and heritage of craft processes. My favourite outcomes are often experiments – wantonly embracing imperfection yields happy accidents!

I use paths, maps, routes and lines on the land to delve into our identities and our sense of belonging. The darker, less popular aspects of our lakes and mountains hold a particular fascination. The grim stuff can be breathtakingly beautiful and inspiring.

I draw on my experiences growing up in Scotland and latterly travelling the world working for UK universities. From Kyparissia to Kazakhstan, working with adventurers, creatives, educators, researchers and problem solvers has given me so much food for thought.

A fairly new artist, I am really keen on collaborative working. Do get in touch; I am very open to discussing potential projects or just meeting up to share and compare ideas.