Amanda Dyer

Amanda Dyer

In 1977 I moved to Blindcrake and lived there surrounded by wonderful scenery, poultry, bees, geese, pet lambs and 1/6th acre veg patch. In 1986 there followed a moved to central Cockermouth and a quirky 1727 terraced house where I hope to remain for life. The fact I’m a life member of Cumbria Wildlife Trust, RSPB, WWT, National Trust and RHS and a volunteer at the Calvert Trust stables tells of my interests. I’m also a member of the life drawing GoFigure group ( for our recent exhibition), keswick society of Art and now happy to join Evan.

I’m an enthusiastic attender at workshops and value exchanging ideas with fellow students.

I have a zest for life, and especially the outdoors, and got hailed on recently when painting at Caldbeck. In high winds I use oil pastels on pre-prepared boards and watercolours in calmer conditions. Painting from the car with windscreen wipers going adds to the sense of urgency and the vigour with which I work.

I only paint what interests me and try to express my reaction to the scene. Colour, real or invented, is an important part of my work. My lovely Granny described my hazel eyes as “mossy forest pools”. I count myself blessed by my eyesight and to be living in such a wonderful area. People describe my work as showing a lively freshness and naïveté ... I hope my sense of fun shows as well!